Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale

Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale

We have Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale and cats. We are specialized Exotic Shorthair Cat Breeders. MA state licensed, USDA licensed, TICA and FCA registered. Exotic Shorthair Kitty is the best choice for beautiful, healthy, affectionate, lovely, and adorable Shorthair Kittens. We breed Exotic Shorthair Kitten For Sale with Golden Shaded, Silver Shaded and Chinchilla colours, green or blue eyes Shorthairs. Exotic Shorthair Kitten for sale from gorgeous, safe, and checked parents and include a one-year safety warranty as well as all our Kittens for Sale registry documents. Our Exotic Shorthair Kittens are a part of our family. The health of our kittens and cats is important to us, so we always make sure they are given core vaccines which are recommended for cats in general. 

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Exotic shorthair kittens for sale December 2023

Exotic Shorthair kittens for Sale December 2023

As the year draws to a close, Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home is thrilled to offer our final selection of exquisite Exotic Shorthair cats for 2023. In December, you have the unique opportunity to bring home a sophisticated and loving companion that will make your holiday season truly special.

Exotic Shorthair kittens for Sale December 2023

Our December 2023 collection features cats with beautiful coats and gentle temperaments, making them the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Exotic Shorthair Kittens for Sale: A Perfect Addition to Your Home

Looking for a new addition to your family? Consider adopting a Persian kitten or an exotic longhair kitten! These adorable babies are playful, affectionate, and raised with great care by passionate breeders who specialize in Persian cats and exotic kittens.

At our cattery, we offer a variety of exotic shorthair Persians, Persian kittens, exotic longhair kittens, and exotic kittens. All of our cats are pedigreed and registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), ensuring that you’re getting a top-quality pet. We also provide health certificates and up-to-date shots for all of our kittens.

Our cat fanciers association membership, combined with our passion for the breed, ensures that our cats receive the utmost care and love. We are located in Florida, Minnesota, Dallas, and Minneapolis, but we offer nationwide shipping with the help of our trusted pet nanny. Plus, we provide videos of our kittens, so you can get to know them before making the big decision to adopt.

We take great pride in the temperament and health of our kittens. Whether you’re looking for a chocolate Persian kitten, a playful exotic longhair kitten, or an exotic shorthair kitten, we have the perfect baby for you. Our cats are affectionate and make wonderful companions, so you’ll never feel alone with one of our babies in your home.

If you’re looking to add an adorable and affectionate Persian or exotic kitten to your family, look no further. Our cattery is dedicated to providing top-quality kittens for adoption, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you. Contact us today to learn more about our available kittens and the adoption process.


Are you searching for adorable and affectionate companions? Look no further than our cattery, where we have a delightful selection of Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale. These Exotic Shorthair kittens are bred with the utmost care, ensuring not only their irresistibly cute appearances but also their playful and loving personalities. If you’re eager to bring home a furry friend that will brighten your days, our available Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale are the perfect choice. Our cattery takes immense pride in offering healthy and well-socialized kittens, making them an excellent addition to any loving home. Explore the joy of having an Exotic Shorthair kitten as your new companion by browsing through our selection of Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale today.

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Why Choose an Exotic Shorthair Kitten?

Exotic shorthair kittens are the perfect pets for families or individuals who want a loving, playful companion. They are easy to care for and are known for their laid-back personalities, making them great for apartment living or homes with children.

Their plush, short coats make grooming a breeze, and their unique appearance, with their round faces and large eyes, will capture your heart from the moment you meet them.

Buying an Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Once you’ve found the perfect exotic shorthair kittens for sale near you, it’s time to make the purchase. Be prepared to fill out paperwork and pay a deposit to reserve your kitten.

Before bringing your new pet home, be sure to stock up on all the necessary supplies, including food, litter, toys, and a comfortable bed. Your breeder can provide you with a list of recommended items and offer tips for transitioning your kitten to their new home.

Caring for Your Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Caring for your Persian Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale is relatively easy, but it’s important to establish a routine early on. Make sure your kitten has access to fresh food and water at all times, and clean their litter box daily.

Regular grooming is also essential to keep your kitten’s coat healthy and free of tangles. Brush your kitten at least once a week and schedule regular visits to the groomer for nail trims and ear cleanings.

Exotic Longhair Cats: Graceful Elegance and Luxurious Coats

Exotic Longhair cats are a mesmerizing breed known for their captivating beauty and luxurious, flowing coats. With a charming blend of the Persian’s distinctive features and the playful nature of the Exotic Shorthair, these felines exude an air of grace and elegance. Their soft, silky fur comes in a variety of colors and patterns, adding to their allure. These gentle and affectionate cats thrive in loving homes where they can showcase their delightful personalities and bask in the attention of their human companions. If you’re seeking a companion that brings both visual splendor and tender companionship, an Exotic Longhair cat is a perfect choice.


Exotic Longhair Kittens: Enchanting Fluffballs of Joy

Exotic Longhair kittens are a bundle of enchantment and joy, capturing hearts with their adorable appearance and playful antics. These charming little fluffballs inherit the best qualities of their Persian and Exotic Shorthair lineage, resulting in a delightful combination of elegance and spunk. Their long, luxurious coats come in a variety of colors and patterns, each more captivating than the last. As they explore their surroundings and interact with their human caregivers, Exotic Longhair kittens showcase their curious and affectionate nature. If you’re searching for a new addition to your family that brings both beauty and boundless happiness, consider welcoming an Exotic Longhair kitten into your home.