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Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home Cattery Customer Reviews With Photos

Tracy F. Shares Her Joyful Experience with Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home

Tracy F’s Marlon Chocolate Smoke Exotic Longhair Kitten Bringing Happiness to His New Forever Home

Greetings from Tracy F! I am excited to share my heartwarming journey with Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home and my beloved chocolate smoke Exotic Longhair kitten, Fletcher (formerly known as Marlon). My experience with this cattery has been nothing short of remarkable, and I want to extend my gratitude to Nancy Christie for making my dreams come true.

Upon stumbling across Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home during my Google search, my eyes were immediately drawn to Marlon, a stunning chocolate smoke Exotic Shorthair kitten. The connection was instantaneous, and I knew deep down that he was the perfect addition to my family. After a few contemplative days, unable to shake off the thought of Marlon, I reached out to Nancy with anticipation and excitement.

Nancy’s warm and informative conversation eased my concerns and solidified my decision. Her dedication to her kittens’ well-being was evident in the way she shared details about Marlon’s current diet and litter preferences. Through Nancy’s guidance, I effortlessly arranged for Marlon’s safe transport to his new home, a process that went incredibly smoothly.

Marlon’s arrival was met with his curiosity and eagerness to explore his new surroundings. Thanks to Nancy’s excellent litter box training, he seamlessly adapted to his new environment without any accidents. His playful nature has brought immense joy to my life – whether it’s his interaction with his butterfly friend, his playful races through tunnels, or his entertaining antics with various toys, Marlon never fails to make me smile.

I must emphasize that choosing a Mon Chéri kitten from Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home is a decision that brings happiness beyond measure. Nancy’s dedication to raising exceptional Exotic kittens shines through in every aspect. Her unwavering support, even after the adoption, ensures that your journey with your furry companion is a fulfilling one.

For anyone considering adopting from Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home, I wholeheartedly recommend taking the leap. The joy that these kittens bring is immeasurable, and Nancy’s commitment to her kittens’ well-being is truly admirable. From my perspective, my journey with Marlon has been incredibly rewarding, and I look forward to adding another Mon Chéri kitten to my family in the near future.

With heartfelt appreciation, Tracy ❤️🐈

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The Musleh Family’s Heartfelt Review of Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home

Welcoming Love and Joy with Mon Chéri Cattery Kittens

Warm greetings from the Musleh Family! We are excited to share our heartwarming experience with Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home, and how our lives have been enriched by our four beloved Mon Chéri Cattery Exotic Shorthair kittens.

From the moment we connected with Nancy, it was evident that we were in the company of someone truly exceptional. Nancy’s dedication to the well-being and health of our kittens shines through in every interaction. Her wealth of knowledge and commitment to education ensured that we were well-prepared to care for our new furry family members. Communication, as Nancy wisely puts it, is indeed key.

Our journey with Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home began in May 2020 when we welcomed Dragon and Unicorn into our family – a male and female Exotic Shorthair pair. The joy they brought was immeasurable, and we were so pleased with the experience that we decided to add more members to our feline family. In May 2022, we introduced another Exotic Shorthair kitten, and in December 2022, our family was graced with yet another precious addition.

Our household now boasts four cherished kittens, each with their unique personalities and charm. Dragon, Unicorn, Gucci, and Storm have filled our lives with love, laughter, and endless moments of happiness. Our connection with Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home has been nothing short of remarkable, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional community.

We wholeheartedly endorse Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home to all pet enthusiasts. With Nancy’s unwavering dedication and exceptional care, every interaction has been a joy. Our experience has been so remarkable that we would give them 100 stars if we could. To anyone considering adopting a Mon Chéri kitten, we encourage you to take the plunge and experience the immense joy that these furry companions bring.

With love and gratitude, The Musleh Family, Crown Point Indiana

To explore this heartfelt review and learn more about our exceptional service, visit the Mon Chéri Cattery Google Business Profile.

Cherished Moments with Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home

We are truly moved to share the heartwarming experiences of our valued customers at Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home. The joy and love that our Mon Chéri Cattery kittens bring into their lives is evident in every word. Here are a few touching reviews from our satisfied customers:

Dorothy R. from Texarcana, Texas:

“Let us introduce you to Mia, a delightful charmer with a passion for play. Mia’s enthusiasm for chasing balls is unparalleled – she would make an exceptional hockey player! Her lightning-fast dashes from one end of the house to the other are an absolute joy to behold. Each morning, Mia takes her time to lie beside me, relishing in 30 minutes of gentle petting, accompanied by her soft purring. Even at night, Mia is a loving companion, always ready for a warm cuddle and more attention. Our battles with the Christmas tree and her escapades into boxes have added unforgettable moments to our lives. Mia’s humorous antics and boundless curiosity are a constant source of amusement and delight. We’re so thankful for our wonderful girl, and the joy she brings is beyond measure.”

Darlene Filmore from Fresno, California:

“Coco, our sweet companion, has made a profound impact on my life. Her presence has brought immeasurable joy and rejuvenation. With Coco by my side, I have experienced positive changes in my health and wellbeing. Our journey together has been a source of comfort and happiness, and her antics never cease to make me smile. Coco’s playful spirit and unwavering love have truly transformed my days.”

Dylan P. from Cohasset, Massachusetts:

“Lucille, our adorable kitten, is a source of endless laughter and joy in our home. Her well-behaved nature and polite demeanor make her a perfect addition to our family. Lucille navigates through life with a sense of grace and humor, even when she’s caught knocking things down or climbing to new heights. Her interactions with our other pets showcase her spirited personality, and her distinct behavior never fails to bring a smile to our faces. Lucille is a cherished highlight of our household, brightening our days with her playful antics.”

Dr. Xiaowen Wang from Columbia, Missouri:

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nancy for breeding such exceptional Exotic Shorthair kittens. Our adorable Bobby has transformed our lives, infusing each day with joy and companionship. His unique personality shines through as he explores his surroundings and embraces life’s simple pleasures. Bobby’s presence has made a significant impact on our family, providing comfort, happiness, and a constant reminder of the profound connection between pets and their caretakers.”

Carolyn A. and Diana Ruppert’s Expressions of Joy:

Carolyn A. and Diana Ruppert also share their appreciation for Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home, highlighting the exceptional quality of our cats and the positive impact they’ve had on their lives.

Jana D. from Boynton Beach, Florida:

“My beloved Margot from Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home has brought immeasurable happiness into my life. Her playful and loving nature has enriched our days, and the experience of having her as a companion has been truly wonderful. The level of care and dedication demonstrated by Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home is truly commendable, and I highly recommend them to anyone considering adding a furry friend to their family.”

These heartfelt reviews exemplify the lasting bonds formed between our Exotic Shorthair Kitten Home and their families. We are deeply grateful for the trust and love shared by each customer, and we look forward to continuing to bring joy, happiness, and companionship to homes across the nation.