Welcome to our testimonial page! We are thrilled to hear about your experiences with our exotic shorthair kittens and cats. As passionate breeders, we take great pride in producing healthy and well-socialized kittens with outstanding temperaments. We value the feedback and support from our customers and hope to share your stories with others who are interested in our beloved breed. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Exotic Home knows that feedback from satisfied customers can be one of the best advertisements they can receive. They take great pride in providing suitable homes for their pets where they will be loved, taken care of, and treated as part of the family. Below are some of the testimonials from happy and satisfied pet owners. Exotic Home is delighted to share these testimonials with you to give you an idea of their work. If you would like to give your own testimonial, please send an email to them at: exoticsshorthairkitten@gmail.com, and they will be happy to post it for you on their website.



“I’m writing this as the highest recommendation possible for Exotic Home. We got our exotic shorthair Persian over a week ago. I can’t say enough about what an amazing cat he is…he’s adjusted amazingly well and he has the best personality of any animal I’ve ever met! We have 3 boys and a 6-year-old cat. Our new pet has blended right in, and he’s incredibly social and loving. He’s brought so much joy in just a week. We have never gotten a cat from a breeder. We’ve always adopted stray cats. When I came across Exotic Home’s website, I liked that it’s a small operation, and the pets are kept in a home environment. We had no idea how wonderful Exotic Home would be. They were responsive to all our questions, even calling us to check on our pet. It is beyond clear that Exotic Home truly loves its animals and cares that they are well taken care of. I can’t recommend them enough. If (or when ��) we get another exotic shorthair cat, we will only go through Exotic Home. We feel very thankful for our pet and extremely grateful to have found such caring breeders.”



“I and my husband Chris can’t thank Exotic Home enough for our new family member. We did our research when we decided to get a new member of the family, and exotichome.com melted our hearts. We were impressed when we visited them for the first time. Their cats are well-kept, happy, playful, and loving. Exotic Home is knowledgeable and helpful, and we can call and ask them any questions anytime. We haven’t had any health issues with our kitten, and she started to use a litter box from the first day she entered our place, which was our biggest concern since we had some bad experiences. We can’t express how much happiness and joy our pet has brought to our family. You can tell that a happy pet is a direct merit of the breeder, and Exotic Home is definitely an expert in what they are doing. Thank you so much, Exotic Home!”



“I want to thank Exotic Home for the wonderful, affectionate kitten I purchased from them. Tuggles is going to be 5 months old soon. She is so full of energy. I enjoy just watching her run around and play. I still enjoy just going to their website and looking at all their pets. I can tell they raise very healthy and loving pets. Tuggles likes to cuddle with me and sleeps with me at night. She sure is a lot of company. I am thinking of getting another pet in a year or two, and I know I would like to get another one from Exotic Home if I do. I just love their personality.”


Exotic Home, the breeder of My Exotic Home, is known for her exceptional care for her cats and kittens. Exotic Home invests her heart and soul and puts in so much hard work to ensure her cats and kittens are well taken care of. She spends nights with expectant moms, then with new babies, and then watches over all the kittens. Exotic Home has made her cats as loving and social as they are through her love and care and constant presence. Perhaps the cats’ happy and playful nature is also partially due to the ample room they have to run around and play in her ideal place for them.


Exotic Home is selective about whom she allows adopting one of her kittens because she cares about them as if she were their mother and wants to ensure each one will be loved and well taken care of. She invests all of herself in her kitties – this is her family. If you invest time in getting to know Exotic Home, you will be glad you did. Exotic Home has been known to stay up for days at a time when necessary, as well as drive hours to consult with an expert, just as she would do for her husband and daughter.



Most kittens are cute, but it takes dedication and a passion for breeding to consistently raise such healthy, loving, affectionate, adorable, playful kittens. If you are looking for this type of cat, Exotic Home is the breeder for you. Exotic Home has beautiful and healthy cats, and it is evident that she genuinely cares about these animals like her own children.


Chantal and Jeff from Phoenixville, PA,

shared their experience with Exotic Home when they decided to get a kitten. They spent a lot of time researching different breeds and decided on an Exotic Shorthair. They searched the internet, magazines, classifieds, etc. and emailed several breeders before they found Exotic Home. She took the time to speak with them regarding her available kittens, their personalities, health, and how to care for them. Exotic Home answered every question they could think of and took many pictures of the kittens for them to see. Even though Exotic Home was located over three hours away, they decided that her home was the place they wanted their kittens to come from. They purchased both of the kittens that Exotic Home had available at that time and before they left, Exotic Home showed them the kittens’ parents and how to clean their eyes and trim their claws. She even sent them home with food, litter, and toys, wanting to ensure the kittens had everything they would need in their new home. Chantal and Jeff would wholeheartedly recommend Exotic Home to anyone looking to purchase a Persian or Exotic Shorthair.

If you are looking to purchase a Persian or Exotic Shorthair, I would highly recommend Exotic Home. Their cats are not only beautiful and healthy, but it is clear that they genuinely care about them like their own children. One satisfied customer was Len Bishop, who was very pleased with his two cats, Snow Everest and Sweet Cherry. He was amazed at how well they had been trained and how wonderful their personalities were.


Dorothy from Iowa

was worried about purchasing a kitten without seeing it first, but was very happy with her kitten, Zeus, whom she got from Exotic Home. Olga, the breeder, kept her updated with pictures and made all the necessary arrangements for her to get the kitten. Zeus adjusted well to his new home, and his loving personality made him the perfect addition to Dorothy’s family.


Anthony Price

also had a great experience with Exotic Home. He bought two cats, Onyx and King, and was very happy with them. He believes that Olga is the best breeder in all of New Jersey and highly recommends her.


Heather and Mike

purchased a kitten named Mac from Exotic Home a few years ago and loved him so much that they were thinking of getting another one.


Irene and Joseph Haynor

have two cats, Humphrey and Hailey, from Exotic Home. Humphrey watches Hailey and both cats play and sleep together. They have brought a lot of joy to their family.


Jenny Vovk from the Chicago NW Suburbs

is very pleased with her Exotic kitty, Percy, who she believes is the most beautiful and elegant cat in the world. Percy is great company for her and her friends call him a service cat. Jenny thanks Olga for her wonderful customer support and the amount of love and time she puts into her cats.

If you want to have a Royal Cat, remember that it comes with tremendous responsibility.




Percy is my two-year-old feline companion, and I couldn’t ask for a better one. As someone who lives alone and has a history of stroke, Percy has become an invaluable service animal in my life.

I would like to express my gratitude to Exotic Home for providing such a wonderful feline companion. The care and love that they put into raising these animals are truly remarkable.

When purchasing one of these royal cats, it is important to remember the tremendous responsibility that comes with it. Olga, the expert in this field, provides invaluable advice on caring for your pet, including food, litter, and vaccinations. Her attention to detail and care for her animals are unmatched.

The shape of the tails on these cats is truly unique and rare. Their tails are of raccoon quality and should be treated with care. It is important to avoid brushing them and to ensure that no one else touches them without proper knowledge.

My experience with Percy has been nothing short of therapeutic. He is a friendly, smart, and amusing companion who brings joy into my life every day. Olga’s unwavering support and expertise in caring for these animals are truly remarkable.

In my book, Olga is the walking encyclopedia of love and care for exotic breeds. I cannot recommend Exotic Home enough, and I urge anyone in search of a feline companion to look no further.

Thank you, Exotic Home, for providing me with such a wonderful companion.

Sincerely, Jenny Vovk Chicago NW suburbs.”